Treasure Hunt


727 ADS Treasure Hunt 

Be the first to find the hidden treasure in Pinellas and Pasco County, Florida.

We routinely offer treasure hunts and hide certificates which are redeemable for cash, coupons, gift cards, etc.

Dash For Cash-  

The name says it all. Find the cold hard cash hidden within Pinellas and Pasco County, Florida.

Prior to the (Dash For Cash) treasure hunt we will post the location, date, time and cash amount.

These prizes are awarded by 727 ADS as well as local businesses..

All treasure hunts are held in a public place such as a beach, park, etc.

How it works:

Visit the website and see if there is an active treasure hunt within a particular city.

You can also visit our Facebook page to view all active treasure hunts and activity.

If so awesome, click on that treasure hunt and view all of the information associated with it.

Look for the clues and view the map which will display the area where the prize is hidden.

Once you find the prize call or text us at 1 (800) 856-5075 to redeem it.

A team member will then ask you to verify the QR CODE information that is on the certificate.

Once this is confirmed a team member will then schedule a time to meet with you to deliver your prize in person.

We highly recommend to participate in treasure hunts within your area to make it easier to redeem its value as team members will only travel within the same location of that particular treasure hunt.

Each treasure hunt on 727 ADS will have an expiration date. If a prize has not been claimed by the end date that prize will then be offered in a new 727 ADS treasure hunt. This is done so that the person(s) will come forward right away to claim their prize and not miss out!

Business Owners:

Hey business owners, draw more attention to your business and services with your very own treasure hunt. This is the perfect way to get really great exposure, especially for new businesses.

What You Do:

1/ Submit a business listing if you do not already have one posted on the website.

2/ Decide what type of prize you would like to giveaway. Example- Weekend Getaway, Fishing Trip, Salon & Spa Treatment, Dinner For Two, Window Tinting, House Cleaning, etc.

3/ Contact us and provide us with the information described above.

That’s it, your all done! We take care of the rest.

What We Do:

1/Take your business listing and link it to your very own treasure hunt in the classifieds section.

2/ Create your personalized ad coupon or (you can create your own) detailing all of the prize information associated with it and post that on your treasure hunt.

3/ Create a duplicate ad coupon with its very own unique (Ad ID#) and hide it in a secret location.

4/ Once hidden we will then post it on Facebook and give it a BOOST!

5/ Communicate with all participants who are actively involved with your treasure hunt.

6/ Meet the participant(s) in person to redeem their coupon for the prize.

The Reward:

1/ Awesome Business Exposure

2/ Facebook Boost with live activity detailing treasure hunt within the Pinellas & Pasco County, Florida area.

3/ Social Media Advertising- Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus, Instagram, live feeds and more.

4/ The winner being displayed on our website and social media claiming their prize with your business information.

If you are a business owner and would like to get more information about participating in your own treasure hunt please Click Here.

By participating in any 727 ADS treasure hunt you agree to the terms that are listed in our Terms & Privacy


In order for a treasure hunt to be successful we need for the person(s) to contact us right away so that other participants are not actively looking for a prize that has already been found and not yet claimed.

If we receive numerous calls, texts or emails within a certain period of time that a prize is no longer hidden at a particular location, we will then terminate that hunt and that prize will then be offered in a new 727 ADS treasure hunt.
This is only done so that the person(s) will come forward right away to claim their prize and not miss out!

Good Luck, 727 ADS team