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1/Share your ads on social media

2/Share your videos

3/Large listing banner

4/Review manager


6/2019 Updated Google maps

7/ View your ad statistics-Coming soon.

8/Link your business listing to your classified and deal ads to view all in one place.

And so much more for absolutely free!

How To Remove Your Listing From Website

If you notice that your business is listed on the website and you do not wish to have it listed, to remove it you must first claim the listing and once we verify that you are the owner or affiliated with that business, your listing will then be verified. Once this is completed you will then have ownership of the listing and you can then simply delete it. That’s it, your all done.

Helpful Information:

After you post your ad, make sure you share it using the (social platform tabs) below it to get more exposure.

How To Access Your Account

Click on your username to edit, renew and submit your ads.

(Selecting Category For Your Ad)

Please post your business listing and classified ad in the correct category that matches the criteria of your post.

Failure to do so may cause the automatic deletion of your ad.

Free Boost On Facebook

Submit any type of ad on 727 ADS and we will give it a free boost on Facebook!

That’s right and we’re not kidding. What a great way to get even more free advertising.

Registering On 727 ADS

Before you submit your listing or classified ad on the website you must first register and create a username. After completing this step an email will be sent to you with along with a temporary password to access your account.

(Please make sure to check your spam email for your email registration verification.)

You can change this password at anytime.  After doing this you can create and submit your listing or classified ad.

Main Business Listing

When you create your business listing this will be your main ad that represents your business. You can update and edit your business information anytime and also create your own coupon vouchers, special offers, company logoimages, video and other information that describes your business and services. * You can also have your very own large full width Custom listing banner or use the default one. To learn more Click Here

Duration of Listings & Classified Ads

All business listings will be displayed for 120 months (10 Years) on the website.

Classified ads will be displayed for 60 days on the website.

View Ad Statistics-

View the impressions (statistics) of your business listings and classified ads from your own user dashboard.

( This feature is in development and coming soon )

How To Claim a Listing

If you are the owner of a business that is listed on the website and wish to claim it you can do so by clicking on the (claim this listing) tab. Once we verify ownership of the listing we will transfer the business listing over to you and assign a Verified status label to it. Note: Please make sure to use the same email address that was used when you created your account when claiming your listing)

Submitting & Verifying A Listing-

1/Submit your business listing on the website.

2/After you submit your listing it will be published for a period of time.

3/We will then contact you to verify that you are the owner of the listing.

4/After we confirm that you are the owner of the listing we will then assign a Verified status label to it.

5/If we can not verify that you are the owner of the business that was submitted on 727 ADS, the listing will be then be updated and added to our listings to be claimed by the rightful owner.

Business Listing Review Guidelines-

People like to see reviews when deciding on purchasing something or perhaps going to a restaurant etc. This is great, however on some websites that allow customers to review their experience with a business and rate it with a star rating this is not always fair. Explantation: Let’s say for an example, Joe visits a restaurant and enjoys the food and atmosphere, however Joe did not like the waitress for some reason and he rates the business with 1 star. Yes, he can leave a comment to offer his opinion on how he feels, but that doesn’t get calculated into the star rating score. This creates a disservice for that business because it falsely gives the impression that the businesses overall rating is (1 star out of 5 stars). This is why we created a rating system that offers a separate star rating for individual fields, for example-Quality of Service, Atmosphere, Staff, Would Recommend, etc. With this rating feature a visitor can easily review the star rating for the (individual fields) and also review the (overall star rating) that is calculated and combined from all of these fields.

727 ADS allows visitors to submit reviews based upon their experience with a business and or organization listed on the 727 ADS website.

(Dos & Don’ts)


Your reviews should be objective and relevant from your experience with a particular business and or organization and not from hearsay from a friend, peer, family member, rumor or others experience.

Lets keep all the reviews honest and based solely upon only your experience with a particular business and or organization.


Do not post reviews that include lewd, bigotry, racism, threats or harassing content.

Do not post reviews based upon a business or organizations religious beliefs, employment practices and political views.

Do not post reviews to promote or discredit a business or organization.

Do not post reviews for a business or organization that employs a family member, friend or peer.

Do not post reviews for any business, organization or person for monetary gain.


Upload coupons- so visitors can print or download them to use.

Add video

Include special offers

Add your social media

Page Visit Counter- Shows Total & Daily Visits

Display Map View of ad location

All In One Map View


You can now link your business listing & classified ads together.

Example: If you submit a business listing in the (Dealerships) car & truck category you can now link it to cars you are selling in the (For Sale) category on classifieds. You can also link your business listing to your event posted in classifieds and more. This makes it really great for visitors who are viewing your business listing to also view your classified ads in the same place.