When posting an ad or registering on 727 ADS we know that sometimes you may have questions and need guidance and that is why we created this help page to assist you. Please follow the instructions below and if you still need assistance please Click Here to contact us.

(Registering On Website)

If you registered on the website and did not receive your temporary password, please check your spam email. If it is not there give it a few more minutes then check it again. Note: If you try to sign up again using the same email address you will get a notice that the email address is already registered and not available. To solve this issue please contact us and we will send your temporary password to you once we verify that you registered on the website with that email address. You can also try registering on the website again with a different email address.


When you register on the website and create a username it can not be changed, so please choose a username that you like.

(How Do I Access My Account?)

To access your account you must first click on your username.

(Editing Your Ad)

If using Internet Explorer you may have to select a different category and then the original category again to edit or update your ad.

(Renewing Your Ad)

Before you select the (renew) tab make sure to take note of the category that your ad is listed under and then click the renew tab. After completing this step now select the same category again and enter any required information and then hit continue. Your ad will then be renewed successfully.

(Website URL Link Not Working?)

Did you include your website address (url) link on your listing or classified ad and it is not working? To correct this issue you must include http:// or https:// as in this example Only use https: if your website holds a SSL security certificate.