Love seeing yourself pain free and mobile, try acupuncture sessions. 

Common conditions treated:
– arthritis- headaches – lower back pain- sciatica – shoulder pain- elbow pain- knee pain – finger (any small joint pain)- ankle and heel pain – infertility- Bell’s palsy – depression – digestive issues- dizziness- frequent urination- fatigue – skin conditions- smoking cessation and much more…..

Text or call 737-242-0402 for open availability today! 

$100 initial treatment
$80 follow-up

20% discount for new patients.


New patient special 20% discount

If you haven’t tried acupuncture before, this is the time.  If you have had acupuncture thenr let your love ones know how it can benefit them.  I’m available to be at your service in the clinic or at the comfort of your home.

Bring pain free living back to everyonee with joy and love.  





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