Welcome to Mahuffer’s Bar – Indian Shores, FL!

Warm Beer, Lousy Food, Sometimes Live Music, Sometimes Live Food, you never know what you’ll find at MAHUFFER’S.

Mahuffers was started nearly 40 years ago and is a time capsule of what old Florida used to be… before the Yankees came down and ruined it. The bar is filled with salvaged boats, bikes, bouys and bras.

We have been on tv and in newspapers as a place you must experience, so come to Mahuffer’s and follow the yellow brick road to warm beer and lousy blues… to the wurst place on the beach!

(727) 596-0226

If you’re looking for a beach bar on your way to Gulf Boulevard- that offers a really cold beer and maybe some food served with an eclectic atmosphere, then you have come to the right watering hole. Lots of people call us the best dive in town; We call us a fun place to visit.

Beers are served from the typical red and white ice chest, and the mixed drinks offer lots of ice and plenty of liquor- It’s a great combination- there are no happy hour prices because all day, every day the prices will make you happy!

Being four decades old, the décor might be a bit overwhelming at first with everything from bras to  fish nets, crab trap markers, boat parts, dollar bills, and more photos than you can imagine — the outrageously quirky Mahuffer’s is unlike any other beach bar in town. Or the state, for that matter, but we go perfect with an ice-cold  beer. Check us out and see why people really love us!





Private Lot



Full Bar




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