We offer more than just repair services. We also offer services designed to enhance your special jewelry pieces. Unfortunately jewelry can lose its brilliance over time, even with the highest quality of care. We can restore and refurbish any piece of jewelry that has lost its luster. When you allow us to repair and restore your beloved pieces, you will see them come alive once again.

Additionally, our Master Jewelers offer hand-engraving services. There are very few jewelers that can professionally perform the task of hand engraving, but when you get your piece hand engraved from our experts you will truly be impressed. When you buy one of our exquisite rings, we will engrave whatever you’d like into that piece of jewelry free of charge.

Whether you need a piece of jewelry soldered, a ring resized or a stone placed into a new setting, we do the very best work. We only use the finest materials available in the industry to repair and restore your jewelry. We guarantee that no piece will become defective within six months of our services. If by some slim chance you do encounter a problem with one of our repairs, simply bring it back into the shop and it will be fixed for you free of charge. We know that with services like ours the need for a new repair is highly unlikely. If you have an old piece of jewelry that you purchased years ago, a newer piece that was purchased from us or even a piece that was purchased from another jewelry shop you can bring it to us for repair. We continue to satisfy our customers throughout Florida with our skillful repairs and would be delighted to provide these services to you.

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