Banner Advertising

Advertise your business listing on a clickable banner advertisement on 727 ADS, that can directly link to your website, Facebook, Twitter account or wherever you like it to point to. Let us design your banner ad or you can use your own. We design all types of banner ads, including animated gifs and more.

You have 3 options to display your banner advertisement.

(Option 1) Have your banner displayed in a Slideshow Above All Home Pages at the very top of the websiteYour banner ad is clickable and can be pointed to your website, Facebook, Twitter etc. There is only 10 ad spaces available for this selection and it is a prime location to advertise your business banner.

(Option 2) Have your banner displayed on the Single City Above All Pages of the website. When a visitor views that city on the website your banner advertisement will be displayed at the very top of all the pages for that city. Your banner ad is clickable and can be pointed to your website, Facebook, Twitter etc and also when your banner ad is hovered over it will display a description of your business and or services. This is a popular area because there is only one ad space available for each city. To see how the ad banners display just click on the links below.

City Homepage Ad Banner

City Homepage Ad Banner

( Option 3) Have your very own custom Business Listing Banner Ad displayed when a visitor views your page. Your ad will be in full width and will have all of your business information listed on it such as company logo, address, website, business hours, social media, etc. To see how the banner ad displays, just click on the links below. Be sure to also view these banners in desktop mode to really see how they look while being displayed in full size. Update-Your business listing ad banner can now be viewed on mobile phones as well.


Enigma Bar & Lounge

Tony’s Pizzeria

Gator Paintball Xtreme

 Family Fitness Centers

Frenchy’s Outpost Bar & Grill

Island Way Grill

Salt Rock Grill

Jet Ski Rentals & Parasailing Adventures

Mad Beach Brewing

Lenny’s Restaurant

Frida’s Cafe & Bakery

Overhead Surf Shop  – Default Banner

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